How to Have a Mexican Inspired Bbq

How to Have a Mexican-
Inspired Bbq

Aug 19 2021

Transform your garden into the perfect fiesta spot with our Mexican BBQ guide. Give your summer dining a fresh spin with delicious BBQ recipes, cooking tips and Mexican-inspired flavours picked to help you plan the best BBQ.


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BBQ Basics


BBQ Basics


The answer depends on what you're looking for. If the full smoky flavour is your priority, then it has to be a charcoal BBQ. If you're more worried about keeping a consistent cooking temperature and you want to cook with the lid on (ideal in rainy seasons), then a gas BBQ might be your best bet.

To be confident your food is cooked through, you want to wait until your BBQ gets up to a good temperature. If you're using coals, don't start until they are grey and glowing. Generally, a high heat is 230-350℃, a medium heat is around 175℃ and low heat is around 160℃.

You can cook frozen meat on the BBQ, but some types are better suited than others - always be sure to check the pack instructions. Thin cuts like frozen burgers fare best, while chunkier options like chicken breasts are tricky to cook evenly. Typically, frozen food will take 50 per cent longer and the best way to make sure it's cooked through is to employ the 50/50 technique, which means piling up your fuel on one side of the BBQ so you have an intense heat and an indirect one. Cook your frozen meat low and slow before searing at the end.

There are a few different factors at play here. The most likely one is that your grill isn't hot enough or you're trying to turn your meat too early. You want the bars of the grill to sear the meat, making it easy to peel it away. Meat can also stick to a grill that hasn't been cleaned properly. A little bit of oil on the meat can help to ensure this doesn't happen.

From seitan to tofu, there are tons of meat alternatives that take perfectly to the BBQ. Let your protein marinate for at least an hour and keep some sauce on hand to baste as you go. Be sure to experiment with the king of BBQ veg too, the aubergine. Brush with miso and honey before grilling for a soft and flavoursome snack. Portobello mushrooms are also a great burger alternative and grilled cauliflower steaks are the latest craze for a very good reason.

The underside of a disposable BBQ can get very hot, so you really need to be sure to place it on a stone or fireproof surface if you don't want to scorch your grass or melt your outdoor table! To keep things simple, you can lay it on your garden path.